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Providing unique health plan solutions and patient support.

Our Approach

Enhanced Case Managers ensures that our client members are educated on the options available to them and receive the best care possible. The focus is geared towards members who are faced with challenging situations, utilizing one or more innovative strategies to address their complex healthcare needs in addition to a member's emotional, physical and/or financial needs. The core of Enhanced Case Managers is a member-centric and empathetic approach to assist in the handling the needs of each member. By addressing these needs, the client ultimately benefits in such ways as reduced claims exposure, more productive workforce, and support for members. 

Our Strategies

Our foundational strategies encompass two main categories:  

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Member Referrals:

  • ECM Advocate 

  • ECM Behavioral 

  • ECM Wellness 

  • ECM Coverage Evaluation 

  • ECM Dialysis Claim Management Strategy 

  • ECM Rx Specialty 

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Data Analytic Identified Members:

  • ECM ER Visits 

  • ECM Site of Administration 

  • ECM Opioid 

  • ECM Diabetes 

  • ECM over age 65  

Our Strategies
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